Q: Will there be another book after Loki’s Wolves?
A: Yes, Odin’s Ravens comes out in Spring 2014.

Q: How many more books will there be in the series?
A: It’s a trilogy, ending with Thor’s Serpent in 2015.

Q: Do you plan to make a movie of the books?
A: For a book to be made into a movie, someone in Hollywood needs to buy the rights to it. Even then, it’s a long process, and it’s rare that a movie gets made, but we can always hope!

Q: Why are there two names for the author?
A: The Blackwell Pages trilogy is co-written, meaning two authors wrote it together. They both plotted the book. For the writing, they divided it by characters. The ones written in Matt’s point-of-view are by Armstrong. All the rest (Fen and Laurie in Loki’s Wolves) are by Marr.