For Readers: Descendants of the North

Matt Thorsen
Dhampion, descendent and representative of the god Thor.  Matt, like all Thorsens, was taught to be a team player, but he has a rebellious side, choosing wrestling and boxing over team sports. Lately, he worries about fighting a giant serpent. He hopes to have the hammer of the god, Mjölnir, to help in the great battle to come, but for now, he has only his amulet, his wits, and fighting experience.

Fenrir Brekke
Descendent of the god Loki; cousin to Laurie; wulfenkind; not used to being a team player, following rules, or trying to do the right thing.  His biggest worry in life is that he will fail to keep his cousin safe—mostly because she refuses to stay out of fights.

Laurie Brekke
Descendent of the god Loki. Unlike Fen, she has not shifted into a wolf, but she can open portals. Unlike Matt, she has no fighting experience or weapons, but she does have an innate ability to find the other descendants of the dead gods.

Baldwin Osgood
Descendent of the god Balder. Like his ancestor, Baldwin is impervious to pain and injury by everything except mistletoe. As a result, he has a habit of trying sports, crazy stunts, and other dangerous hobbies like cuddling venomous snakes. 

Rey and Reyna Freitag
Descendent of the god Frey and goddess Freya. The twins have their ancestors’ skills in magic which comes in handy for the Descendants. On the other hand, Rey and Reyna aren’t exactly sure they really want to be involved in this whole “end of the world battle with a giant snake and various monsters” thing.

Owen Walker
Descendent of the god Odin. Owen is, like the god, a bit of a wanderer. (Further info will be available when Owen returns from his latest journey.)